Dementia Education

For Caregivers

  • Educate family/caregiver as well as staff on what dementia is, symptomology, progression of the disease, what to expect in the future, and ways to deal/interact productively with their family member at home.
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For Facilities 

Memory Strategies offers a number of in-services and brings a different topic to each session. These topics range from general practices to specific cutting-edge skills. See list below.


What is Dementia?
Explaining what dementia is and the various other types of dementia.

Maladaptive Behaviors
A brief description of the more common troubling behaviors that individuals living with dementia exhibit and how to deal with them. 

Visual Issues
A description of vision loss and perception with individuals living with dementia.

Therapeutic Lying –  “Fiblits”
Defining therapeutic lying and the pros and cons of using them with people living with dementia.

A detailed description of sundowning, symptoms, causes, treatment, and coping strategies.

Interacting with those living with dementia
Explaining how to interact with an individual living with dementia when they ask you a question and words to avoid to prevent them from getting upset.

How to productively interact with individual’s living with dementia
How to promote positive and productive interactions by adjusting your frame of mind when you approach an individual living with dementia.

Alternative activity ideas to incorporate in your interaction with residents
Giving a variety of suggestions on introducing new activities and how to incorporate them into your program.

Having a conversation with someone living with dementia
Creating the optimal environment to stimulate a conversation and how to make things easier.

Behavior in Dementia as a form of communication
Interpreting behaviors in terms of feelings and needs.

Advanced Dementia and End of Life Care
A description of the range of symptoms that a person living with dementia may experience at the end of life.

Caregiver Burnout
A definition of caregiver burnout and tips to lessen/avoid the stress and frustration. How to take time for yourself.

OTHER – Memory Strategies can customize the topics to meet the specific needs of the facility.

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