Dementia Consulting

For Caregivers

Memory Strategies strives to keep those living with Dementia in their home for as long as possible. When this is no longer a safe option then Memory Strategies offers the family/caregivers alternative options of living/care arrangements (skilled nursing facilities (SNF), assisted living facilities (ALF), memory units, nursing home or other housing options). We emphasize maintaining a healthy balance between caregiver and self-care in order to prevent caregiver burnout. Memory Strategies will help design a Dementia-friendly care environment in your home for the individual living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other related Dementias. 

  • Offer alternate options of living/care arrangements (SNF, ALF, memory unit, nursing home or other housing options)
  • Prevent caregiver burden by supporting the caregiver(s) 
  • Memory Strategies will provide services to the individual and family/caregiver for the duration of time from which services are needed
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For Facilities 

Memory Strategies works with facilities to introduce and encourage both motivating and invigorating activities throughout the day. We also assist in creating a Dementia Day Program to promote socialization and such activities that can also foster a sense of independence. 

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