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Our Focus

Our main focus is to consult and educate in order to enhance the lives of both individuals living with a dementia related disorder as well as those caring for such individuals. We also strive to supply quality individualized tactile/sensory objects, as well as other tools that are easily obtainable and affordable, for this population.

In addition to the tools offered by Memory Strategies, Inc., our team of compassionate, empathetic, and highly-trained staff will be available to educate the family/caregiver on the disease process, how to deal with the troubling behaviors, as well as any other questions/concerns that may arise.

It is the goal of Memory Strategies, Inc., that these tools and services will decrease or eliminate the individual’s troubling behaviors, decrease aggression, depression, anxiety, and increase the individual/family/caregiver’s knowledge base. Ultimately, the hope is that this will help them interact effectively with the individual they are caring for; this in turn will reduce hospitalizations, frequent emergency room or primary care visits.

Our team is focused on addressing the unique needs of our clients. Memory Strategies, Inc., will give each and every client individualized attention in the safety and security of their own homes or wherever they have chosen to reside (e.g., independent/assisted living facilities (ILFs/ALFs), nursing homes, senior centers, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and community programs).

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Activities for people living with dementia

Activities are vital for people living with dementia. Using tools targeted to the patient’s needs will offer benefits like cognitive stimulation, the opportunity for connection, and triggers for memory recall. If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia, you may struggle to find activities or ways that provide cognitive stimulation without adding unnecessary stress. We will work with you to come up with appropriate sensory tools for your loved one.

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About Memory Strategies, Inc.

Dr. Greg S. Toegel is the founder of Memory Strategies, Inc., which focuses on dementia consulting, education, and development/creation of more affordable tactile/sensory objects and tools to be used by individuals living with dementia.

Dr. Toegel’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals living with dementias, while also helping to relieve caregiver burden. The services offered at Memory Strategies, Inc. span from educating family members on how to interact with their loved ones, to offering new interactive programs to increase their engagement at home or in memory care units, to creating customized sensory and tactile objects for soothing their anxiety, depression, and agitation/aggression. In addition, Dr. Toegel helps staff working on memory units create a positive and welcoming environment for those living with dementias.

“The inspiration for my creating Memory Strategies, Inc. came after watching my grandmother, who lived with Alzheimer’s disease, slowly deteriorate before our eyes. In addition, after seeing how expensive dementia care and products are for this population prompted me to think outside the box to figure out more creative and affordable options to enhance the lives of those living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, as well as their caregivers.”

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